By David C. Belzer

When the government is knocking on your door demanding money, peace of mind seems far away. But you can get it back. Here's how:

Hire an experienced professional to take care of your problem for you. When you have someone on your side who knows the rules and is not afraid to assert your rights, you have reason to feel peaceful.

When you know that the resolution to your problem is forthcoming, and at a minimum cost, you may feel relieved and even free.

This is our normal experience. We have been through situations like yours before. We know the options and potential outcomes. We can guide you through the murky waters to clarity.

We have no fear of government authority, because we know its source of power: government regulation. And we research those regulations for the advantage of our clients.

The result is: the way out, and restored peace of mind.

Maybe the way out is creative or innovative. Only an experienced professional would have the expertise or perception to counsel you toward a solution "outside the box." That's what we do.

And we can support the solution of your tax problems with financial solutions for your business, including:

  • Resolving your and your company's IRS or state tax problems.
  • Reorganizing; spinning-off, and restructuring a troubled debtor company.
  • Compromising debt with creditors.
  • Applying for bank and private money loans.
  • Structuring partner buy-ins or mergers with other businesses.
  • Catching up the books.
  • Preparing back tax returns.
  • Filing amended returns and claims for refunds of back taxes.
  • Using Federal Bankruptcy Code to discharge taxes and unsecured debt.
  • Saving current and future taxes with pro-active tax planning. 

Call me at 206.288-5575, and let's discuss your situation.  There will be no obligation.  You will feel your peace of mind coming back to you as we speak.


David C. Belzer

David C. Belzer 

P.S. Ask for one of the brochures I've written:

1. How to Slow Down the IRS collection process.

2. How to Negotiate a Settlement with the IRS.

3. How to Save Taxes with a Business Reorganization.

And write down a list of questions. We will go over them on the phone, no charge. 206.288-5575

Don't procrastinate.  Why worry any longer?  You can take control of your situation if you act promptly.

(David Belzer is a tax preparer, accountant and business consultant  with 40 years experience in the practice of taxation. Mr. Belzer has earned 6 professional licenses, including CPA and E.A.   Mr. Belzer may be reached by email at  Mr. Belzer's website is

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